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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne
United States
23 songs
When You're Gone 53 views I Was You Were Here 38 views Complicated 3 views I Will Be 4 views Girlfriend 3 views Here's To Never Growing Up 28 views Let Me Go 8 views Why 4 views Nobody's Home 5 views Skater Boy (Sk8er Boi) 69 views My Happy Ending 5 views I'm With You 8 views Losing Grip 5 views Knockin On Heaven's Door 13 views Thing's I'll Never Say 6 views Anything But Ordinary 4 views Don't Tell Me 9 views What The Hell 5 views Imagine 64 views Alice 6 views Hot 16 views When You’re Gone 8 views Wish You Were Here 9 views