1. What is is a site that contains Indonesian song's chord/tab and international song's chord/tab.

  2. Why must we join to be a member of

    Joining with means you'll be the part of chordarena community and can grant access more with the content inside rather than ordinary visitors. Some of the feature are:

    • Can create your own song's chord/tab version and share it to around the world
    • Can create and share news music article
    • Can give a comment to ther song's chord/tab and news article.
    • Can give a rating to song's chord/tab that has been published
    • Can create you own favorite list song's chord/tab
    • Can show your contribution list
    • Can have your own avatar at your profile photo
    • Can change your profile information
    • Can have friends inside this community
    • Can send a message or wallpost to other member
  3. How to become a member of

    You can go to here, or simply click join at the right top of the page Fill all the forms and check the robot test than click submit. Verification email required so you should check your email for verificate it. Once the verification done, than you good to go to be a member of

  4. I have registered, but still can't login.

    When you're clicked submit at registration form, the process hasn't been complete. The account need verification. Check your email for activate your account.

  5. How to contribute chord/tab to chordarena?

    These are the step.

    1. Login to
    2. Click the Submit. Submit New > Chord for contribute chord/tab.
    3. Fill all the form.
    4. Select Type as Chord
    5. Select Contribute as. Contributor means your account will be visible. Chordarena Team means your account will be hidden an will contribute as Chordarena Team.
    6. Insert your chord to textarea form. The Creating Instructions link give you some info and example if you confuse enough.
    7. Click the submit button.
    8. The feedback will appear that the song's has been saved. The song's has been submitted and waiting for approval review from chordarena.
  6. How to contribute news article to chordarena?

    These are the steps.

    1. Login to
    2. Click Submit. Submit New > News
    3. Fill all the forms.
    4. Insert your article to textarea form. Creating Instruction provided example and explanation if you confuse.
    5. Click Submit Button
    6. The feedback will appear that the new's has been saved. The next step is you can add image to the news if necessary. Atleast one is needed for news to submitted.
    7. Once all step has been done, the review process is the next process. Just wait for the approval step to see your own news article.

  7. I have created chord and news, but haven't appeared at chordarena. How can it be?

    The song's chord/tab or article news that has been submitted to chordarena need to be reviewed first with chordarena team. For checking contribution status, you can go to Submit > Approval Queue > Chord/News. Just click the tab you want to see (pending/approve/reject).

  8. How to request a new chord/tab?

    To request a new chord/tab, just go te Request menu. Fill all the forms and click submit button.

  9. How to give rating to chord/tab?

    For giving a rating to the chord you used to login first to make it save to our database. Visit song's chord/tab that you want to give a rate. Point your cursor to star image (Rate This), and choose the rate. If the rating vote has been succeded the notification should appeared.

  10. How to see my favorite list?

    To shows your favorite list, you should login first and you should add your favorite song's chord/tab to your favorite. The favorite button is in song's chord/tab tools, the top one. If you wanna see the list just go to your profile. The favorite list link is at your profile page, under your profile picture.

  11. How to change your personal information and change your avatar?

    To change your personal information (such as birth date, password, avatar) just go to menu Setting at contibutino page (Submit Menu). Click Setting Menu at the right top. Fill the forms that you want to change and click save.

  12. How to use "Send Private Message" feature to other account?
  13. Just go to profile page from the member that you want to send PM. Click Send PM button. Fill all the forms then submit it.

  14. What is the meaning of degree at my profile?

    Degree at your profile means how much you contribute to this site. The Degree will change automatically based on your contribution count. The Ranking will be like this.

    • Egg : 0 contributions
    • Lizard : 100 contributions
    • Alligator : 200 contributions
    • Komodo : 1000 contributions
    • Dragon : 5000 contributions
    • God: Owner