Chordarena.com is a site that provide tools for music lovers to musician to interact, share, songs with chords inside and also international news. The concept and domain is established in june 2012 by Arif Ramadhan (aka Ardhan) and keep transformate many versions. The first full feature version is established in march 2013. This site is intend to simplify member or user to learn guitar. The professional one can share his own chord/tab creation, and anyone can be professional too. In expected, member or chordarena team can learn and share from each other to make this site is even better. Rely on great features that can simplify member to understand and using the site, Chord Arena can make user comfortable and keep browsing here. Chordarena.comis nothing more than public library from hundreds chords and tab and keep growing faster for now, but with our struggle and your dedication for this web, we can make it better.

Some of privilege of Chordarena.com are:

  • Reading chord freely with modern tools to ease user
  • Can get update information from brand news news music
  • Request song's chord that doesn't exist yet
  • Join with Chordarena communtiy to share with other member in all over the world
  • Member can create and share their own song/tab's version
  • Member can be a contributor that can create and share brand new news music
  • Chordarena.com team will always provide the most update song and always make improvement for guitar community all over the world

Some of features for our member are:

  • Can transpose chord (inc/dec tone) according to the needs
  • Can change size of the font (inc/dec font size)
  • Can add song/tab to your favorite list
  • Can play the chord (auto scroll page function)
  • A simple and modern look from this site and greate feature we provide

With these privileges and feature that we have, we try to add our member satisfaction and user for this site. Various inputs is expected to make this site even bigger and better. Let's join us and be the part of the greatest community of world music!